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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Ridge at Delhi

Hi guys,
Still waiting on the PC repair so on the daughters laptop for these pics,
 I was hoping to show off the new additions painted Samurai from the War Office and Spanish buildings transferred from John Rays collection this will now have to wait until the weekend.
 Here are some pics of the mutiny collection which has been quietly growing over the last couple of months,new Mutineer Miniatures figures to be added next week and more Crimean Russians arriving this weekend so plenty to see in the near future.

Mutineers on Delhi's walls

Loyal Sepoy's but how can you tell!

Surprisingly a large number of native regiments did not mutiny.

The British start to gather the army of retribution for the assault on Delhi.

A scene outside Delhi's walls one of many sorties.

First war of Independence or mutiny who's to say.

Big antique guns brought back into action.

Reinforcements arrive to help with the final assault.

On the ridge.

Great thing with the mutiny is the variety of figures.

Last view from the battlements all figures in these pics by the War Office!

Loads of figures arrived this week unpainted to be forwarded to figure painters one very large box off to James for the Italian war collection and the start of the Napoleonic arriving this week from Perry and Foundry  making they way down to Dave Jarvis next week so stay tuned to see the progress of these.
Best wishes


  1. Very nice posing of figures + paint, as only to be expected. Thanks, Willie.

  2. Great work, I've got some mutineer cavalry that I might just have to slap some paint on.

  3. Beautifully inspiring!


  4. Another great collection. Pictures are beautiful taken with some nice angles

  5. Great - figures and pictures!!!

  6. Beautiful troops Willie.
    Love your work.