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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Tuesday, 6 April 2021


Hi Gents,

A few additions to my TYW collection 

The Lion of the North

Some Croats with unlucky civilians
Albrecht von Wallenstein and escort.

A Croat.

Gustave Adolphus

More unlucky civilians.

Some Swedes from the yellow regiment.

Best wishes


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

The Last Emperor Constantine Palaiologos

 The Last Emperor Constantine Palaiologos 

 Its taken me years to get this far with this collection but worth the wait for sure the small collection now has its figure head.

Constantine in all his glory.

Beautifully painted by the very talented Steve Dean

The sculpting by EBob capturing exactly the look I was after.



                                    Best wishes

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Back posting

 All most a year since last post I had thought that lock down would have seen me posting more but surprisingly this was not the case. Long walks with my dog Bruno seem to have taken up most of my free time, photos of figures being replaced with photos of Bruno I think its now time to start posting again.

The collection continues to grow at a pace with additions to my TYW collection which arrived last month. A new Wild West collection being introduced painted by DJ

.I have James Roach working on more figures for the Punic wars Successors this time around and also have a small samurai contingent on the go.

 EBob committed to sculpting some more Byzantines for me so new foot figures waiting to be cast up.

Bruno atop the Antonine wall which is behind our house
 ( the house sits on the site of the Roman temp camp).
 The views are terrific in all directions you can see why the Romans picked this spot.

Wild West natives

Down Mexico way I have picked up some Apache
painted by Bugsda very nice work will post some pics at some point.

DJ at work here.
Foundry figures

Foundry figures

Byzantine conversion

Another Byzantine conversion

Last Emperor Constantine by Ebob



                     I hope to get some regular posts done I did try face book but prefer the blog for posting. 
                                                                       Best wishes

Wednesday, 15 April 2020


Hi gents hope this finds you all well and keeping safe. I haven't been posting for some time as work has been extremely busy but the collection keeps growing non the less. I have a few collections on the go at present Indian mutiny being one of them this is actually the 4th time I have started this collection most of the other three having been sold off over the years.

A busy street scene with some old and new figures.
I repainted the rope trick performer earlier on this year.

Some recent arrivals painted by DJ.

 Iron Duke figures with Foundry lady.

The lady in this pic is a conversion by me.

Loyal Sikhs & British command.

Foundry lady in the background.

I really like the Iron Duke figures.
Some mounted gentlemen.
And old foundry figures still standing the test of time.

Best wishes

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Crusades revisited

Hi Gents,
A miserable day here in Scotland which led me to the games room and a few pics of the Crusade collection (my personnel favourite) this will be getting a reboot soon due to the imminent arrival of the Paul Hicks sculpts.

Philip of France
Guy de Lusignan

Duke of Austria

De Dreux

Knights on foot

De Dreux retinue


The Lion Heart and some Hospitallers like most of the collections this one needs a few additions.
Hope to show more soon.


Saturday, 16 February 2019

Prinz Karl

Hi Gents,

The AWI collection continues to grow albeit slowly this time we have Prinz Karl regiment join the fold.

                                                                 All Perry miniatures.
                                                                         Best wishes

Thursday, 24 January 2019

15mm Crusades collection for sale Now Sold

I have been having a bit of a look through my collections and have come to the conclusion that it is now time to clear out some of the surplus.
 One of the collections that will be going is this 15mm crusades collection painted by me and a few others some time ago.
There is a lot to this collection both Crusaders and Saracen armies  including Knights Templar / St John/Lazarus and Teutonic Knights also King Richard /Saladin and the Assassin's  it comes with a Castle a village and an Oasis.Also baggage Monks and Bishops along with a few more personalities.
If seriously interested get in touch and I can put a full list together the pics below give a flavour of what's on offer.
Pilgrim or merchant painted by me.

Peter DE Druex painted by Stephen for 15mm this is incredible.
Mass of knights by me again
Hospitallers by me
Knights Templar's Teutonic and St Lazarus again by me
Assassins allies and enemies of the Templars
Crusader camp
Monk ready to do Gods work!
Mass of crossbow
More Saracens
I am Jerusalem

Another favourite Simon DE Montfort in the red again painted by Stephen.

Last shot of those Knights all my own work here.
The collection consists of the following
1 x Castle
1x village
1 x oasis
1x bridge
5 x single palm trees
1x4 palm trees on single base
3 x tents
1 x ruin
8 x siege palisade bases
16x baggage bases
72 Sudanese archers
30 x Arab archers
16 x Arab spear
15 x Assasins foot
6 x assasins mounted
16 x Turkmen mounted
24 x seljuk light horse
94 x sarecen medium/heavy cav
24x saladin and body guard
18 x templars
24 x knights of st John
3 x  knights st lasarus
3 x teutonic knights
1x Richard the lionheart base
1x king of Jerusalem base
33 x lay knights
108 x crossbow
56x  spear
24 x turcoploes mounted.

The above amounts to 305 foot figures 259 cavalry not including the baggage camels and figures on the baggage bases.
There is a box with more somewhere I think just need to rummage through. Aboubt half the collection need there bases finished.

Best Wishes