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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Monday 12 January 2015

A look at the Saracen shield art and a few pilgrims

Hi gents

A few more pics to show of the artwork on the Saracen shields all painted by Dave Jarvis.
Perry miniatures

Templar escorting pilgrims
Hopefully the pic lets you see the detail

This is another of the terrain tiles by TM Terrain
Another cracking shield.
Dave's brush work looks even better in the flesh

Loads of pilgrims painted up
Again another intricate design
Saracen design is not the easiest to get right
last shot for now hope you enjoed the pics. 

                                                                  Best wishes


  1. Great images; yes, those shields are very lovely.

  2. Great photos and brilliant painting on the shields!

  3. Lovely painted minis and stunning pictures !

  4. Fantastic as always...and impressive!

  5. It's not just the skill, it's the patience!

  6. That is some damn fine brushwork.

  7. Morning Willie,
    Its interesting to see how Dave's painting style is evolving. I have had this discussion with him a couple of times. Dave seems to be using the artists techniques which is almost impressionistic at times. God doesnt that sound pretentious. What I was trying to actually say he has done a great paint job on them.Especially the Green shield design. You are a very lucky person.

    1. Robbie

      I get where you are coming from believe me the pictures do not do them justice they are superb!

  8. Magnificent and inspiring! Thaks for sharing! :)

  9. Great troops. The hand painted shields are cool!

  10. Not just the shields but those flags as well look superb.
    You must have one of the best collections in the hobby for this period Willie.

  11. So mystical the composition with the light and the dark, brown tones... fabulous, indeed! You are a master in painting!


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