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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Friday 17 June 2011

Retreat from Kabul

Hi guy's,
This time into Afghanistan with the retreat from Kabul 16,000 men and women left under an illusory safe conduct on the 6th of January 1842 one week later William Brydon reached Jellalabad the only British survivor!
Dost Mahomed and his Afghan's in the mountains awaiting the British.

British didn't really stand a chance once in the mountains begin to be picked off.

The rear guard of the 44th foot.

Afghans hot on their heels.

Large amounts of camp followers were killed in the retreat.

Reading Lady Sales account showed that the afghans could attack the retreating British anywhere they wanted to.

Foundry figures with a couple of old glory.

British from Foundry's old opium wars range Perry's carlist British would also work.

Figures once again painted by the war office.

Terrain by TSS and Kallistrsa

Close up of the British.

Some say that the defeat of the British by the afghans indirectly lead to the war with the Sikhs as the Sikhs had beaten the afghans previously and assumed that they could also beat the British.

Not many survivors from the retreat with only a few taken as hostages for ransom.

The 44th famously made their last stand at Gundamuk.


  1. Afgahnistan is a tough nut to crack. I remember reading about this fight....well masacre.
    Great set up and photos

  2. Thanks guy's.
    I know what you mean Paul nobody seems to be able to do it right.


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