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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday 2 August 2014


Hi gent's
Been a while but here are some more new arrivals at the collection once again brought to life by Dave Jarvis. I wanted to create the shield wall tactic used by Richard the lion Heart to great effect with the crossbow and spear inter mixed for protection a mix of figures again. I made it over to claymore today looked like a very busy show unfortunately I was short for time so no real time to take it all in but I did managed to come away with some useful pieces..

Another warrior Bishop

Shield wall
A mix of spear and crossbow a tactic put to good use by Couer De Leon

A knight at his most vulnerable with his mount disabled

A couple of Mirliton figures.

Here we have a good mix of figures.

Shields doing their job of keeping the arrows out.
Some still get through

Thanks all for now thanks for stopping by


  1. Very nice work Willie - they look sensation and very inspiring fir me to get some of my crusader figures out in time for Cross and Crescent!

  2. Just stunning, the colours are wonderful Willie.

  3. Thanks gents Dave has did a great job once again!

  4. Lovely shots of equally beautifully pained Medievals

  5. Another set of wonderful additions, some great freehand there by DJ

  6. Wonderful additions to your collection Willie, along with some great photography to show them off.

  7. Wonderfull and colourfull collection of painted figures!



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