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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Retreat across the bridge of boats

                                      Hi guy's,
                                      I picked up a plastic bridge set this afternoon from Rendera.It struck me on the way home that this would not be long enough to ford the river I made,so quick detour into hobby craft for some lolly sticks and balsa to make up the shortfall  then a quick paint job and you can see the results below.Picking up some limbers for this collection on Thursday and the newly based Punic figures so some pics of these through the week.

Here we have Dost Mohammad sometimes ally of the Sikhs sometimes enemy! a Foundry figure painted by the War Office I added the vegetation.

Sikhs retreating across the bridge it only took around half an hour to put together and paint.
The river is made from a TSS tile.
Sikh guns giving covering fire from the opposite bank of the river.
British advance Perry miniatures flags from flag dude.
Dost Mohammad retreated back to Afghanistan to plot again.

heading for the safety of the City wall.

British pursue across the bridge.
I an going to have some figures cut in half to portray the Sikh's in the water trying to flee.
Some Sikh's being cut off from the bridge.
A bit chaotic at the bridgehead.
Defiant Dost will be back.


  1. What a wonderfull blog with lots of very nice painted figures. I like your painting style very much Willie!



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